Friday, July 20, 2007

Here comes the Summer...

There will be fewer posts over the next few weeks as the last thing any teacher would want in their Summer Holidays is to have me droning on about schools etc.

If you are a teacher then make sure you enjoy your holiday.

If you're not... then that's probably worth celebrating as well.

Now go and buy three copies of my book.

All the best
Frank Chalk

ps There is no truth whatsoever in the rumour that Angela Mason and myself are standing for election to the General Teaching Council next year.


Anonymous said...

finally, summer!
the hour long "staff meeting" yesterday where exiting staff (22) were given 30 min of bye bye time over the exiting SMT's (2) 30 min of ass kissing and self praise was not fun though:(

Anonymous said...

I would be glad to pay my subs if you were on the GTC Chalky!

I'm sure the minutes of the AGM would make for entertaining reading at least

Anonymous said...

Lucky're rid of the kids. I live in an area that is highly sought after by public school children and they descend here in their thousands throwing noisy parties, vandalizing and behaving absolutely awful. Note, these are kids who attend "posh" schools that cost tens of thousands, not run-down comprehensives. I wonder what they teach them there..can't be manners. These Chelsea yobs are a real pest!! I feel the urge to scratch their four-wheel-drives every time they screetch by.

Anonymous said...

Yes, summer indeed.

Nick Wood said...

Just remember that some people in schools don't get all of the holidays!
I've still got 4 weeks to go for my 2 weeks off!

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays Frank!

And by the way ... please please PLEASE stand for the GTC!!

Unsworth said...

"the last thing any teacher would want in their Summer Holidays is to have me droning on about schools etc"

You're not really putting enough effort into this, Frank. Surely you can find something else to drone on about? If not, then have a good restful holiday and come back sufficiently refreshed to get into full drone mode.

Anonymous said...

Having read "It's your time you're wasting" I wish that you were on the GTC. No doubt some would accuse you of being a 'failed teacher': there are of course three options for failed teachers -

(1) stay where you are while chaos rages around you, because no one will have the backbone to do anything about you
(2) go for promotion within the profession - SMT, Ofsted, advisers etc etc are packed with people just like you
(3) leave the profession - the honourable choice you made, but sadly taking common sense and some home truths with you

Anonymous said...

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