Monday, July 02, 2007

Poor old Mademoiselle Bois

Thanks to Hill for this story which I missed last week. I hope Mme Bois gets nothing more than a slap on the wrist for being stupid enough to publish under her real name. As always in these cases, she will be criticised for 'using inappropriate language' or some nonsense like that. The Head will never ask the only important question; ie

Is what she is saying true?

It does illustrate the dangers of telling the truth about what goes on in your workplace or saying what you really think.


Anonymous said...

She should have said her rant in French so none of the students would have understood what was being said.

Anonymous said... the school will "take appropriate action" and probably wipe the floor with her for telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

Telling the truth is not allowed! Just ask Angela Mason.

John Hemming said...

It is a really sad situation that the head has to talk bollocks like that.

None of the heads in my constituency should feel the need to talk bollocks in the same way.

Seriously depressing. We need more honesty.

john..... said...

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