Saturday, July 07, 2007

Oh My God! What's That?

It was the persistant barking of my faithful dog Humphrey that alerted me to the aliens presence. Shortly after lunch it appeared, a giant glowing ball hovering just above the apple tree halfway down my garden. It made no move to attack us, but I've always found it best not to take any chances.

Being fearless and worldly wise we panicked, ran upstairs and hid under the bed wimpering. Mrs Chalk found us; still cowering, on her return an hour later.

"What are you two doing up here when the sun's out for the first time in weeks?" She said.

ps I'm not sure whether to believe Hill who claims that his Head took down a spoof advert in the staffroom in the Glasgow Herald for a 'Second Hand Jeep Cherokee with a Charcoal interior.'


Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean. It's rained for so long here, my garden furniture has started to rot.

Anonymous said...

me too, last time i saw a big orange thing in the sky i called the police.

however i did once see a spaceship land in my garden & had to fight off it's alien pilot. read my story at the link below.

Anonymous said...

At least their won't be any hosepipe bans this year.

Anonymous said...


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