Thursday, December 14, 2006

Nutcase kids... They're everywhere.

Thanks to our correspondent in Sydney for this

It's good to see that our Antipodean colleagues have as many problems as we do. I can only hope that he enjoys his 'multicultural sensitivities' course as much as I did.


Anonymous said...

That's terrible. If a teacher called a pupil here a terrorist purely on the grounds that he was a Muslim he would rightly be sacked. The lad punched the wall. If he'd punched the teacher one for that he'd probably have got away with here. What a depressing story.

Anonymous said...

It is all a bit odd. You all seem so fragile.
Back in the later fourties the teacher would have been regarded as an amusing eccentric and rather prized by his students.
We were all 15 -16 year old males then.
Our best teacher was an amazing shot with a piece of chalk.
I expect he would be hanged these days.

alanorei said...

I know the Blakehurst area fairly well - having grown up in a suburb about 10-15 minutes drive away.

Blakehurst is quite upmarket - nothing like the Cherry Tree Estate in Mr C's book.

The average property, i.e. house and garden, (my sister lives in one) is probably about 2-3 times the size of the average 'middle-England' suburban equivalent.

Whatever problems exist at the local secondary school probably don't stem from the kind of dysfunctional households that dominate the CTE.

But Blakehurst is not far from the Lakemba Mosque, again 10-15 minutes drive roughly, which fuelled a lot of the Cronulla rioting last December and seems to be a focus for aspirations of self-determination among young Muslims in that part of Sydney - about 10 miles south of the city centre.

At the same time, many, if not most, Australians deeply resent having had m'cism forced on them.

Flare-ups like this reported incident and those at Cronulla Beach last December may therefore indicate an on-going, potentially volatile situation - even in sunny, laid-back 'Oz.'

The current Test Cricket series is probably acting as a helpful distraction right now - seriously.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the teacher was a little insensitive and that should be pointed out to him. The muslim kid should be deported ASAP.