Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dec 6th

Rate My Teachers have emailed me to say that they have put up a link to the petition, a discussion on their forum and wish us the very best of luck. The GTCE have emailed me back to say that they are considering what to do.

Today's result: two carrots (pesumably for the reindeer). A tricky one so no winners today.

172 signatures


Anonymous said...

That's because a private company has to make decisions and do things. An organisation funded by compulsory subscriptions and answerable to nobody, can just sit around and debate

Anonymous said...

My guess is candles

Mossy from Wakefield

Anonymous said...

My guess is a snowflake.
Gee Bee from Glos

Anonymous said...

I'm staying with the gift box.
Carrots indeed. What's all that about? The Organic Society Vegetarian Advent Calendar?

Anonymous said...

of course...the Holy Carrots...

why didn't I think of that?

next 1's a present laden sleigh (7th)

Anonymous said...

I thought you hated RateMyTeacher with a passion. Or have they started moderating the posts now?

< sarcasm >
And get with it, 'Blunt': This is Christmas, not some archaic religious festival!
< /sarcasm >

Anonymous said...

Why don't you present yourselves as "Mossy" and "Gee bee" instead of "anonymous"?