Monday, December 04, 2006

Dec 4th

A Christmas Pudding! Well done Ivy, one point to you.

Thanks to Lilyofthefield for suggesting we contact the GTCE about the petition. I've emailed them. (I was about to put up a post absolutely slating them but perhaps I'd better postpone it for now...)

Any more good ideas are of course, welcome.

Oh thanks to 'Anonymous' who sorted out a banner which can be pasted on to blogs. I'm so daft I deleted the message, thinking it was just an advert for another device to increase the size of my whatsit. (The blog is getting bombarded with these at the moment)

Here's the link.

126 signatures so far.

The following bloggers have put up a link to our petition:
Stan Still


Stan Still said...

I've put an entry on my blog to advertise your petition.

Good luck with it.

Help The Teachers

Anonymous said...

OK El Tel - I see you want to play rough eh ?

A Christmas Pudding is my guess.

Anonymous said...

Fairy that goes on top of the tree is my guess

Mossy from Wakefield

Anonymous said...

No no no. It is a festive wigwam