Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dec 5th Result

Dec 5th Result: a fairy on top of a tree.

Mossy from Wakefield, you are a winner!

Still no reply from GTCE re. petition, but thanks to the 158 of you that have signed so far.


Anonymous said...


That's me of and running.

Snowman is my guess today

Mossy from Wakefield

Anonymous said...

I'l place my bet on a Robin today, with big red belly.

Shandiar, Corby.

Anonymous said...

Breast, dear, breast.

Anonymous said...

And I can't see the GTCE admitting that a problem with discipline even exists.

Anonymous said...

Yes,the little darlings must have free expression and must not face the trauma of any sort of restraint or sanction.The very sight of the word discipline will give those at the GTCE a touch of the vapours.To impose any sort of discipline is hard work,and quite frankly,not that many can be arsed.Advent calendar?Flying pigs.