Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Washing Lines

The latest nonsense idea that I've heard about in teaching is called the 'Washing Line'. This is where the kids either stand in a line annoying each other or stick pegs on each other's ears or clothes, whilst playing about with a long piece of string.

Great when you are six years old, but unfortunately it's aimed at GCSE and A Level!

Can you imagine them doing stuff like this at Eton? It's the kids who are being hung out to dry in the State system by ever more crazy teaching methods.

By the way, is it others, other's or others'?


Anonymous said...

"The ears of each other" would suggest "each other's ears".

Anonymous said...

I remember doing that on my GCSE History course! It was the clever idea of my teacher who was doing his best, but he seemed to dip into a "Stupid teaching ideas" book to perk up his lessons. The washing line was a well intentioned idea to pool our knowledge, but we couldn't actually see what was on it when we'd finished. I still managed to get an "A" but in his classes I longed to have my previous history teacher; a man who'd been teaching since the '80's who'd just blather on about the subject. That's now seen as "passive learning".