Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Behaviour in Schools

Teachers quite rightly complain about how pupils cannot sit still and keep quiet in class. The official reason for this is that their lessons are not sufficiently interesting and exciting..

The real reasons are:

1) Some have seen through the bluffing and realised that they can do pretty much what they like.

2) Fed on a diet of sugary drinks and snacks throughout the day, many kids are in a constantly hyperactive state. To excuse this, a whole load of medical problems have been dreamt up by drug companies eager to sell new products to the gullible. Every class register is now chock full of acronyms and excuses such as ADD, Bipolar Somethings, Aspbergers, Oppositional Defiance Nonsense and of course ADHD. Here's a handy tip: if your own child is naughty just send a letter to his form teacher with your own impressive sounding disease and his every misdemeanor will be forever excused. It's like the 'Get Out Of Jail Free' card in Monopoly.

3) If I am cooped up all day without taking any exercise I will cause mayhem and go mad. It's no suprise that the kids do exactly the same. Many are driven to school and simply forget their kit or waste their time playing table tennis in PE. Nobody dares force them out to do physical activity and so they burn off their excess energy in your lessons.

Ask anyone who has taken a school trip somewhere involving lots of fresh air and physical activity, whether there were any problems from the naughty kids after the first couple of days.

Private Schools and institutions such as the Armed Forces have known this for centuries and make them do sport every day whether they want to or not.


Anonymous said...

Compulsory tap-dancing for the lot of 'em!

Anonymous said...

I just got back from an outdoor trip with a bunch of badly behaved children. Still as rude as they were on day 1.

Anonymous said...

The comment about the diet is spot on. I dealt with a young man with a list of problems in a summer trip. Autism, Aspbergers, ADHD, the whole package.

What was his diet? Sweets, Junk Food, and fizzy drink. He bemoaned anything remotely good for him.

Parents need to start enforcing rules on their children's diets before they start primary. By the time they get to school the addiction has kicked in already.

Anonymous said...

Umm, just to set you straight, it's spelt As-Pergers and it's basically a higher functioning version of autism so you can't have both conditions. The parents that tried that on your school are patently taking the piss if they tried to convince you that this guy had both. No wonder Autistic Spectrum disorders are being over diagnosed.

Anonymous said...

The way we played doubles table tennis was extremely strenuous.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous who corrected me-so it is spelled that way, thank you.

Checked the young man's notes and it says Autism, not Aspergers. Think I hear these terms used interchangeably and have got myself confused! There is certainly something wrong with him, don't get me wrong, it's just that his parents don't actively seem to be doing anything to counteract the negative effect his condition has on his achievements and his social life.