Monday, July 09, 2012

Schools Let Down Their Best

A study by the Sutton Trust claims that English schools are letting down their brightest Maths pupils.

Non-maths teachers should be up in arms- one of the cornerstones of the comprehensive system is that we let the brightest pupils down equally in all subjects. What other outcome would you expect when schools are graded on the number of pupils who gain a 'c' grade at GCSE.

Obviously all the best teachers are put in charge of classes on the c/d borderline and those children are offered extra help after school. The best pupils are left to fend for themselves, as are the worst.


JoeN said...

The detail in the Sutton report that most interested me was its critique of the foolish way Gifted and Talented was implemented at school level. Something I wrote about myself two years ago.

High Quality Teaching Resources said...

Nice @Joen
I agree with you!!!