Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Immigration Queues

Those of you who try to escape the wretched weather by heading abroad, may well find that you are greeted by a mile long queue at Immigration on your return.

This happened to me at Luton a few months ago- only half the desks were manned, the new speedy e-passport checking machine wasn't working and we all stood waiting for the best part of an hour. There were sporadic outbreaks of slow hand clapping, whistling and the odd queue jumping accusation. I've faced pretty long queues in other countries, including the US, but that doesn't make it ok for us to be rubbish too.

Immigration Minister Damian Green has proved himself incapable of fixing the problem and has simply resorted to denying its existence and blaming the wind. We should just let Keith Vaz sort it out. (He's pretty good at shortening queues as the Hinduja brothers could testify).


Anonymous said...

Hey Frank,

Your blog post is very timely. Aren't we all sick of queues? Check out this infographic, 25% of Australians that we surveyed said that airport queues are irritating.


Kimpatsu said...

Hey, Frank,try queuing in Japan, where you will be fingerprinted because as we all know, all foreigners are criminals. Airport queues can last 3 hours here. Until you've suffered racial abuse from a Japanese immigration official, you don7t know what airport queues are.

jaljen said...

Holiday thoughts are all that's keeping me going until the end of term.

Now even that glimmer of happiness is denied me. Figures....

Anonymous said...

Is that new? I didn't get fingerprinted either time I went to Japan (2007 and 2011). The queues were short and the staff efficient.

The first time I was there, I even had my luggage searched and the inpector was polite and efficient.