Tuesday, July 17, 2012


So here's my solution:

1) The Government should cancel the contract with G4S immediately and refuse to pay them a single penny. Let them sue if they dare. They are a bunch of halfwits who cannot be trusted and will simply mess up if given the opportunity.

2) All security should be done by the Armed Forces because at least we can rely on them to do the job. It's a last minute panic measure and the soldiers will hate it. Many will have their holiday plans ruined, but reward them all with a huge bonus, free tickets for their families to any event they fancy and guaranteed leave after the Games have finished.


Dave said...

Excellent, common sense solution. Which is presumably exactly why it won't be what happens...

X said...

The bonus could be worked out as a share of the money that G4S would have got; so 300M/200K troops (the ones in Afghanistan deserve something for picking up the slack) = 1500 quid each as a bonus.

Anonymous said...

And how will soldiers deal; with
schizophrenics hearing voices.
lawyers hearinhg profitds.
Big breasted females with a message
Real thugs

Anonymous said...

soldiers will deal
with problems better
than poorly qualified
poorly trained
poorly motivated and
badly organised
cheap temporary employees
soldiers have
team ethics
supervision hierarchy
and most of all
support of public

Anonymous said...

Judging by some of the security staff I've seen travelling on the Javelin train to Stratford over the last couple of weeks we'd be better off without them. Whilst I know that a lot of them will mostly be doing bag searches at the entrance, I can't see them being too much use in a real emergency. I'd far rather see some fit well-trained squaddies, & a few ruffled feathers if they aren't PC, will be a small price to pay if there's a serious incident. I just hope that they are properly rewarded for saving the private sector's bacon, but I don't suppose they will be.

Anonymous said...

Some of the students in our street volunteered for security work. One didn't like their attitude. Two got better-paid alternative jobs and another couldn't make one of the training slots because something came up. Not one of them gave back word that they weren't interested any more. And they are supposed to be the intelligent/educated ones.

Sewing Babe said...

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Anonymous said...

That's just silly... think you spent too long with the kids as your idea makes about as much sense as something you'd likely hear from a school child.

SimonH said...

Having been to events where the Armed Forces were doing security, they have always been, not only extremely competent, but also tirelessly friendly. Can’t say the same about most security jobsworths.

Anonymous said...

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