Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Table of Contents

If anyone can explain to me in SIMPLE ENGLISH how to make a clickable chapter list on Kindle (I think that it is called a TOC or 'Table of Contents' then I would be forever in your debt (well sort of).

Why on Earth you have to be Bill Gates to add such a simple feature is beyond me.


David Hadley said...

It took me a while but I worked it out.

set the title that you want for the chapter or whatever as 'heading1' in your piece, then set the tag label for the toc to construct the table of contents to 'h1'. (remove the quotes in each case, of course)

This works in the mobipocket creator anyway.

Anonymous said...

You must be really numb not to be able to this. No wonder you became a teacher

Sally said...

That anonymous comment is hilarious. I expect it is really difficult to make a table of contents when you have no feeling in your hands, though.

I was coming to ask if you are using Mobipocket Creator. If you still draw a blank you might try Sigil, which I've heard is simpler (though I haven't tried it yet).

Good luck. I will buy it for my Kindle as long as it has a contents page ;)