Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Parents in Pyjamas

Eleven schools across Middlesbrough have written to parents asking them not to turn up to school in their pyjamas looking like lazy scuzzers. OK that's not exactly what the letters said but the idea was there.

I love stories like this as they bring out the best in all of us. I couldn't care less if they are just dropping the kids off by car which every parent seems to do if their child lives more than 100 metres from the school (although you are going to look pretty silly if you have to change a puncture). It sends a clear message saying "I am bone idle", but that is probably not a message which requires them to wear pyjamas in order to broadcast.

It's a different matter if they are coming into school dressed like this however and it must provide great amusement to the staff. If I were the Head, I would take pictures and hang them all up on a board marked Wretches. (Which I suppose probably explains why I am not in charge of a school).

Then I remembered that we were talking about Middlesbrough. 

ps Before anybody is tempted to remind us all that Winston Churchill used to conduct important wartime meetings in his dressing gown, then let me say that these people are not Winston Churchill.


Don said...

Whichever way you slice it, this is basically rather a slovenly habit - and Middlesborough certainly isn't the only place where it happens.

That said, I don't see why it's really any of the school's business: as long as the kids are properly dressed, the parents are only dropping them off - it's not as if they're turning up to parents' evenings in their PJs.

Personal Injury Solicitors said...

Doesn't set a good example to the children, I would never dream of hanging out my washing in my PJs never mind take my children to school in them!

Steve said...

Pyjamas? What are they? :)

Lawy said...

They are always scuzzy, scruffy, winceyette pyjamas as well. None of the idle cows ever turns up in sexy, lacy stuff with suspenders... Mind you the rolls of fat still wouldn't look too good !!!

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