Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Too Many Special Needs

Well goodness me! Ofsted have finally realised what every decent teacher worked out ten years ago; ie that zillions of kids are being diagnosed as having 'special needs' when in reality they have just never been made to sit still and behave. Stupid lazy parents combined with trendy modern teaching methods that think 'discipline' is a naughty word.

Both the National Union of Teachers and the NASUWT (I still don't know what these letters stand for) have strongly condemned the announcement, which is a bit like the Flat Earth Society telling Columbus that he was delusional.

No link to the Times as they've started to charge, but the Telegraph article's here


Anonymous said...

The BBC has an interesting graphic showing that statement numbers have fallen - the number of children with substantive educational needs that have been clinically recognised hasn't risen, while the number of schools providing excuses for the little twats with bad attitudes and worse parents has risen.

It's about time that Ofsted woke up to this.


cheeky chappy said...

If anyone is interested I wrote a blog post on so called "special needs" and my own views on it yesterday.

Link: http://sociallyunacceptable79.blogspot.com/

Would love to hear others thoughts on what I've written, including Mr. Chalk.

Thanks everyone

Anonymous said...


Yossi said...

Why do you still do this job?

You obviously hate it, you bitch and whine and kvetch.

Be a man.

Do something else..... and take pride in what you do.

Neil80 said...


It was formed by a merger between the uninon of schoolmasters and union of women teachers so my guess is...

NAtional union of Schoolmasters...

oh let's just wiki it!

The NASUWT (National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers)

Oh on he topic. Yes there has obviously been a reliance on over-diagnosis. Parents must love it as it allows them to avoid blame.

Anonymous said...

Yossi - many teachers love teaching which is why they do it. It's pretty obvious from the blog that it's not teaching that Frank is unhappy about, but the conditions in which he (and many others) is expected to teach.

Mark H Wilkinson said...

The Ofsted report doesn't quite say what you've claimed above. Moreover, you seem to be under the impression that "special need" is synonymous with "problem behaviour".

If I'm wrong in the latter, then I look forward to your next book: The Dyslexia* Cure: Make the Buggers Sit Still.

* Yes, I know, there are no properly defined, diagnostic criteria to distinguish a special subgroup of kids with reading difficulties. It scanned better, is all.

seriousteacher said...

Unfortunately it's the other way round. SN becomes widely associated with problem behaviour because too many children who simply won't behave are given SN labels too easily by so-called experts. Astute teachers recognise this.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't still do the job Yossi, you cock.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and enjoy reading. Iam a teacher as well although currently a stay at home mom.

Most of these kids do not have special needs or ADHD. All they really need is a swift kick in the ass.

The new thing here is......gluten allergy. This is for the undisciplined brats who have parents that don't want to medicate. The have now figured out that it is the gluten that is causing their rugrats to misbehave. I didn't even know what gluten was a few years ago.

I was really pissed yesterday. I volunteered to do a presentation in my daughter's class about Japan. We were stationed there for 4 years and I had alot of things I could share and talk about. I went to the local Asian market and bought seaweed wrapped rice crackers, tea cakes, shrimp crackers etc. So the students could sample some snacks. After spending $40 the teacher informs me that school policy will not allow the students to sample any food. Too many children have gluten allergies now and some maybe allergic to chocolate or other things.

I know some allergies are serious but we live in a mamby pamby society now. The kids need shredded rubber to line their playgrounds, God forbid they get a scratch, eveyone needs an award or trophy just for participating, and everyone has an allergy and can't sample any kind of food.

I'm sure it is the itty bitty bite of sweet rice cake that caused little Johnny to punch his mother in the nose.