Friday, July 09, 2010

BREAKING NEWS! Raoul and Gazza

Police at Rothbury

Temporary Chief Constable Sue Sim's hairdresser is surrounded by armed police.

I just love the expression on that guy's face with the tazer. He needs to be put on every recruiting poster immediately.

Anyway, now that it's all over the police clearly have a few embarrassing questions to answer:

1) Why was Gazza not involved in this case right from the start? So much for armed police and trained negotiators- Gascoigne turns up and despite being five pints the worse for wear; brings the situation to a successful conclusion in no time at all.

2) Why did nobody lay down their weapon and challenge Moat to a one on one martial arts style fight? I saw this on a film once and it did the trick.

3)Why has no apology been given to local residents who have suffered days of radio and tv interference caused by Sue Sim's hair.

The only serious bit is the condition of PC David Rathband whom the media seem to have forgotten about. Let's hope for the best.


jaljen said...

A photograph for which the word "overkill" seems to have been invented.
If that cheap yellow object which would look more at home on a B&Q discount shelf is a taser then...why?
I notice the officer wielding it is snarling with some gusto. Is this to compensate for his lack of firepower? At his elbow is a colleague with a really big gun. Talk about penis envy!!!
How many guns and tasers does it take to kill a pathetic loser? Stun guns have been around since the late 60s (at least in Star Trek). Could they not have stunned him into submission and then paraded him before the public as the self-pitying inadequate he so clearly is in order to decourager les autres?

Anonymous said...

Who? The gurning copper or Moat?

Dack said...

Maybe he's trying to sneer him into submission. We teachers are limited to the use of the 'hard stare' (oft swiftly followed by 'the expression of resigned despair'). I tried to sneak in a sneer once, but feared it could be construed as sarcasm which these days can get you the sack.

PC Bloggs said...

Is that Gazza holding the tazer? I question why Jeremy Kyle was not flown to the scene to assist.

rapidblue said...

OR is he shouting at the idiot taking the photo to clear off? Journos seem to cause many issues by the way things are reported and the photos they take!

SO no world cup news, no F1 news, any wars going on are now OLD news - looks like having a pop at the police is the only way to sell papers then?

Police role play said...

LOL...Yeah, actually what caught my attention is this guy's expression.
Great post!