Sunday, July 11, 2010


I've met some very good school inspectors but also plenty of dimwits and after hearing Zenna Atkins' words of wisdom; maybe it's time to scrap Ofsted and simply run the state school system like Tesco, with area managers for each county who have the power to reward the good teachers and heads and sack all the rubbish. (Every member of staff knows exactly who they are- just let them vote on it)

Regional managers could in turn keep an eye on them and somebody at the top can take overall responsibility and face the shareholders (ie the taxpayers). Surely that couldn't be any worse than the current ridiculous system of hoop jumping inspections which don't really measure anything worthwhile and paying everyone the same regardless of whether they are good, bad or not even there for months on end.


Lord Blagger said...

And there was I thinking that people would get the cash, and choose Tesco's, Sainsbury's, or even pay that extra and go to Waitrose.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right on every point, Frank.


jaljen said...

Can you imagine the furore? Teacher A gets a rise whilst Teacher B (who knows A to be a box-ticking @rse-licking t0sser) does not. Board markers at dawn!

Well, this is teaching so bitching aplenty rather than violence.

I find the ones who brown-nose the HT and self-publicise the most appear to attract the most praise. The ones who keep a low-profile and just do the job are disregarded.

Brown-nosing the HT and going on courses are the 2 key elements which would lead to financial recognition. Not sure I can go along with that.

Hill said...

Jaljen, it doesn't have to be like that. (That's just poor school leaders)

There's no reason why decent management can't promote purely by ability (especially if they have to run it past an area manager as Frank suggests)

It's about time the school system learnt a bit from well run private companies. The results would astonish them

jaljen said...

What about the dodgy heads then? Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?