Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lydia May

Good news! Art teacher Lydia May has been found not guilty of hitting loon child with a Pritt Stick. God knows why such nonsense is clogging up our courts whilst the real crims just walk free laughing.

On an unrelated topic- I used to love playing cricket at school, (and after school on a local field that is now a housing estate) but this article claims that they don't do so any more. I wonder how true it is? The 'non competitive' bit wouldn't surprise me at all- there are no limits to how daft we can be in the state sector.

ps. Regular readers will no doubt be disappointed in the lack of gluey puns in the Lydia May post, but it is a serious story, so I decided to just stick to the facts.


Callum said...

My comprehensive school was lucky enough to have a massive playing field, and an artificial cricket strip. But we hardly ever did it in PE, and I played about one game for my school -- a friendly against the lot down the road. I don't know of anyone else who was state-educated and played cricket a lot at school.

I did play for a club a couple of evenings a week. Much better, as all the kids there wanted to play it, understood the rules, and there was no bored PE teacher who would rather have been teaching rugby or basketball or cross country. We were a decent enough side, but much improved for the summer hoilday matches when the private school boys used to join the team. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Another gold star for the CPS. They really should name and shame the individual clowns who brought this case to court, instead of allowing them to hide behind their " it's in the public interest" argument.