Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ashes To Ashes Final Episode

So Gene, Alex, Chris, Ray and Shaz were all dead, Gene is Copper 6620 and Jim Keates represents the devil...

Good heavens! I'm not used to having to concentrate whilst watching the telly. Apparently there(sorry) were loads of clues that gave it all away but I missed most of them (apart from wondering why Shaz was so frightened of that screwdriver).


Unknown said...

Sorry, what relevance did the screw - oh yeh! She got stabbed by one, of course! That episode was complex

john gibson said...

Bugger, I have not watched it yet.

Anonymous said...

Bah. Ever heard of leaving spoiler space?

Anonymous said...

I would never get in a lift if I could hear the tortured screams of the damned coming from it.

And he kept reporting back to 'Nick' as in 'Old Nick'

Mosher said...

I am really, really, *really* hoping you're making all that up and it's not spoilerific...

Boy on a bike said...

"their were loads of clues"?????


Back to class, Mr Chalk. Unless you were on the squirt whilst watching the telly.

Emma B said...

@At boy on a bike:
I had to read your comment twice before I was sure...YOU need to go back to school, it is definitely 'there were loads of clues'
So there!!!!:-)
Or is it a joke I'm missing?

Anonymous said...

Sorry but it s just a remake of the wizard of oz
gene hunt being the wizard

watch the film the answers are all there.

jim keats aka the wicked witch
gene hunt aka the wizard of oz
alex drake aka dorothy
ray carling aka the lion
chris skelton aka the scarecrow
chaz granger aka the tin man

dorothy see's anty em in the witches crystal ball aka messages from her past was seen on the tv

in the movie the witch tells dorothy the last to know will see the three go before them aka three went to the pub before alex knew she was dead

gene hunt created oz just as the balloonist was thought to be a wizard in the film.
dorothy escaped oz in the balloon but the wizard was left in oz just as gene was

Boy on a bike said...

Emma B - Frank has fixed his egregious mistake.

At least he didn't write "their where load's of clues".

Anonymous said...

oh yeah gene was copper 6620 and copper 6620 was sam so sam was gene and gene was representing the god and jim who i thought was fucking freaky was the devil i will have to watch it again when that knob at the end killed the quatro i was nearly shitting myself with laughter gene sed that i am arresting you for killing my car you lousy toss pot!! lol loved it:)xxx

Caroline1972 said...

Hang on - copper 6620 was Sam?? I missed that . . . thank god I have found you. No one I know had really worked it out (or watched it actually). Shame they're all dead though. So, is this a forum for people who can spell and punctuate and watch Ashes? I must be in the pub . . .!

James said...

Was Sam 6620?

Caroline1972 said...

James - I am as lost as you are. As far as I can work out, everyone was dead anyway, so we might as well have watched 6 weeks of Crossroads. . . Caroline.

Anonymous said...

Well, having watched every series since God Knows When, I thought the 'last ever' episode was going to see Gene shot and either a)Die. That's it or b? return to the future. Aha! He's really another comatose time-traveller. And then we find all that young dead copper's ghost jazz. Gene's dead. They're all bloody dead. Ok - what I don't understand is what was the pub???? Gateway to Heaven or something? What was so bad about staying in Gene's fantasy early 8os crime-busting world? They could have drunk all the scotch, nabbed all the crooks and flirted till kingdom come. And presumably, all the crooks were dead, too.
Who writes this stuff?
From Laura

Anonymous said...

Laura's comment prompts me to ask if it was only the main cast who were all dead?
How do we interpret the other Detectives in Gene's squad?
Were they dead as well, if so, & in light of the appearance of a new "dead" copper in the final scene of the last episode Gene's work continues.
How about the criminals, were they dead too?
Any speculation would be appreciated


shugo541 said...

no, i see this as Gene was 6620. dying early on his job he was kept back by some form of something, lol, as a ferrymen for coppers who die. Gene then ferries and helps the dead coppers to the PUB *yay ^^* and Keates was in representation of the devil, hence the creepy outlook on life and his broken watch and him enticing Ray with a sawn off, and girls etc, the classic trademarks of the devil trapping someone into hell. also for those who say that they could not identify any othese hints. there were loads. e.g when DI Drake tells Keates to go to hell. he replies with something along the lines of "i intend to"

screw drivers, the episode with Ray and a war veteran and his confession of guilt of not being in the Army. There were loads of hints :P overall i thought it was quite a good episode and i have enjoyed all three of the Ashes to Ashes series and both of the Life on Mars


if u want to reply to me then search me up on youtube or something like that :) im not used to forum blogging

Anonymous said...

Anyone else think this isn't the last of Gene Hunt? I can see this turning up in the early 90's or even in 6/6/20... You have to realise that the writers are getting very very clever these days =)

Anonymous said...

Sam was not copper 6620 , sam had already been sent on his way before Alex Drake arrived. As has already been said gene hunt was 6620 , with the thing that Alex pulled out of the grave being his identity card, provoking a strong reaction of course. I don't think this was mentioned but it took me a while to realise that Gene hunt was shot in the face by a shot gun on coronation day.Gene is like the gate keeper , with the railway arms being surprisingly familiar as that was the pub they were in before they died. Other clues also include the stars , though if someone could tell me what they signify it would be much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

as a massive fan i thought it was a strange but cool ending.
one point that i missed during my first watch of the last episode, when jim keats opens the door to go to the lifts , the keypad code he enters is 666. sign of the devil, nice touch!!

Anonymous said...

El 1º capitulo de Ashes to Ashes y el ultimo se contradicen... En el
1º capitulo el camello le pega un tiro a Alex transportandola a 1981, luego esta en el pasado le pilla y hace que le lleven a la carcel, desencadenando que este en 2009 le pegue el tiro.

Entonces si como se demuestra en el final de la 3º temporada, el mundo donde estan es una especie de limbo,como esque el camello fue por Alex Drake sino se podrian haber conocido nunca? :S