Wednesday, March 24, 2010

After May

We are all going to get heartily sick of hearing about the General Election by about mid April, so I will get my posts on the subject out of the way now.

Whoever gets in, two things seem certain. Firstly the number of Academies (schools allowed independence from local councils) will increase.

I can't help but think that the Academies programme is a bit like painting over the cracks in your living room wall. It gives a quick and easy improvement, but avoids facing up to the fundamental problems. (Ever rising numbers of kids who won't behave, parents who don't care, Heads who can't lead, qualifications that have been dumbed down and a growing percentage of teachers who don't know much about the subjects they are supposed to be teaching.)

Nobody appears to be interested in tackling those things.

Secondly, there will be state schools run by private companies, charities and parents. Whilst I reckon that John Lewis School would be excellent, I'm not too keen on a job at Poundstretcher Comprehensive.

Feel free to suggest any companies whose schools would have amusing titles or mottos.


cheeky chappy said...

How about a school run by KY lubrication: Motto "Let's all get stuck in!"

Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

Poundstretcher Comp. would have one advantage over all current comps: if they didn't get the punters in, they'd go out of business.

Miss Brodie said...
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TonyF said...

Selling England by the pound?

Its not just a school, its an M&S school.

Primark gets you the top marks.

If you want to succeed..with Trill.

Dack said...

Can't we change the 'school' bit? To zoo? Circus? Asylum? Bunker?

SimonSays said...

I'd enjoy working at the John Smiths 'No nonsense' school.

Could pop over to the KitKat department in the Nestle school if I needed a break.

But not if I worked in the Shreddies department, where they keep hunger 'locked up till lunch'.

I'd avoid the 'Fruit and Nut cases' at the Cadburys school.

Wouldn't mind working at the Loreal school, as long as they make me feel like 'I'm worth it'.

Sally said...

I think we're all American Express schools already - We (teachers) go the extra mile so they (students) don't have to.

Why yes, I am wading through endless coursework at the moment - how did you know?