Thursday, March 25, 2010

No, don't say "Health and Safetree" please

How can any of us sleep safely in our beds knowing that feckless criminals such as Kim Barrett are roaming the streets, wandering on to school grounds without permission and rescuing small boys from trees. Where will it end?

Thank goodness the quick thinking staff at Manor Primary School in Melksham, Wiltshire were on hand to 'observe the child from a distance', otherwise who knows what might have happened.

Fortunately common sense has prevailed in this instance, with a warning letter being sent from the School and a visit from a Community Support Officer. Hopefully this should put an end to any more of Ms Barrett's good deeds, although frankly, I think she needs to be locked up.


Unknown said...

Agreed. I say lock her up. A right thinking member of society would have seen this as an opportunity for teaching the child any number of important life skills. Lessons like "what goes up must come down," or "rules are there for our own safety" spring to mind. By denying him the chance of falling head-first on to the concrete below, she has probably inadvertently created a future Darwin award winner. She should be ashamed.

The TEFL Tradesman said...

Absolute fruitcakery, no doubt. If it were my child and he had been (i) allowed to climb the tree, and (ii) abandoned there by his 'supervisors' up, I'd be tripping down to the law-shop eager to sue the staff member for professional negligence.

Meanwhile, how would you deal with this one, Frank...?

We need a real common sense explanation, please!!

Dack said...

There are woods near my school. I tell the kids the 'evil dead' cabin is in there. Actually it's just staff hiding from the melee at breaktimes, smoking themselves stupid.

That reminds me of the time I told some year 7s, for a laugh, that we were legally obliged to tell them that the school cat had gone missing, just before the turkey-mincing machine (this was pre the Great Twizzler Cull) was switched on. This got back to the dinner ladies and I got a stern finger-wagging from management. We didn't even have a school cat.

DesperateDan said...

It's strange that this story has run on the same day as a story about the teachers who have been suspended after the death of a boy who had an asthma attack and was told to 'wait' because the teacher was busy. Health and Safety is now so confused - and so idiotic - that it is actually putting kids in danger. And far too many teachers are so apathetic now that they just don't seem to care. I am ashamed today to be a teacher, ashamed that a profession which is supposed to 'teach', has far too much to learn itself.

Anonymous said...

The last three or four paragraphs of the article sum up (for me) what is wrong with things today.

"Like other schools whose premises include wooded areas, our policy when a child climbs a tree, is for staff to observe the situation from a distance so the child does not get distracted and fall." - As opposed to, perhaps, either stopping the child doing such, or (heaven forbid) teaching them that it might not be a great idea?

“This also ensures that children are not ‘rewarded’ with attention for inappropriate behaviour.” What? How about the old-fashioned approach of "giving a child a bollocking for bad behaviour"? Oh no, not allowed to do that any more, might harm the little darlings' self esteem or some such claptrap.

"The council said the child’s mother was “in agreement with and fully supportive of our actions both prior to the incident and since.” " - in which case the mother is a bit of a moron IMO.

"It added: "To protect children, we cannot assume that people who enter the school grounds without permission have innocent intentions and must act accordingly.” " Fair enough, there may be cases where people enter school grounds with dishonest intentions, however what happened (again) to that old-fashioned concept of "innocent until proven guilty"?

I despair.

Rich said...

You can be quite sure that, had the child fallen and injured or killed himself while this passer-by had watched and done nothing then she would have been vilified by exactly the same people.

"She could have intervened to save a life but chose not to. This is not the way civilized people behave".

I hope she's smart enough to just shrug and think, "Well the kid's OK at least".

Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

No good deed goes unpunished.

Anonymous said...

The plot thickens. The head teacher STRONGLY disputes the news stories:



Unknown said...

Seem like another case of one newspaper making something up and every other one just plainly copying it.

Conor said...

The link to the Telegraph website doesn't work, so possibly they have removed the "story".

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