Thursday, September 03, 2009


Am now back in the UK after a couple of weeks cycling round Slovenia (I wasn't quite sure where it was either until the plane landed) and very nice it was too, thank you for asking.

The Northern bit where we went is full of hills, forests and rivers- just like Austria but half the price. The natives are friendly and the language pretty incomprehensible: "Dwa Lashko Prosim! " usually causes a couple of beers to arrive and the rest is an amusing excercise in sign language. It's been a long time since I've stared at a restaurant menu and not understood a single word, with the result that two of us ordered the cover charge with an extra set of cutlery.

Anyway, the weather was lovely (in stark contrast with this morning's view from my bedroom window which looks like the end of the World) and my bike survived another plane journey, much to my astonishment.


Anonymous said...

Awesome, I went there about a month ago too :D Was sooo much fun and would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Jennifer said...

I have a Brit friend who has moved to Bela Krahina in the south of Slo - he loves living there with his depressed Slo partner but being an artist makes little dosh at the moment and works as a translator.

Sorry Mr chalk why did i think this was interesting to post.... ooh

no ok he has converted a cowshed to a house... u are losing will to live now.... I am going


Anonymous said...

at least this proves i do read u - cackling gently


phatboy said...

I went to Slovenia years ago.

I'm surprised you had any language problems since everybody I met spoke perfect English!

We took a bus to Lake Bled and found a couple of little cafes and coffee shops (had to stop in a few as I was very hung over from the night before). Even there everybody was fluent in English.

I still rate Ljublijana as the best (and most difficult to spell) place I've been to - better than New York and Paris if you ask me.