Thursday, September 24, 2009


Over a year ago, I abandoned the useless monolith that is BT and bought a Dongle from Orange so that I could continue to waste my time on the Internet. It works extremely well.

Yesterday however, I got my comeuppance. In a last ditch bid to join the Modern World, I attempted to sell my first item on Ebay. After spending an hour working my way through the advert, taking a photo and uploading it; I was informed that I wouldn't be able to go any further because I did not have a landline.

I have a bank account, a credit card, mortgage, driving licence, and passport (What a rip off they are now- seventy odd quid and half the people I saw last month at Luton airport smugly joining the special queue couldn't even get them to scan.) However because I lack a plug in telephone, the tired old rustbucket that once carried us proudly around the country must remain gently decaying on my drive.


Anonymous said...

I use voice over ip which can give a 'landline' type number. Most sites that require a landline can not tell the difference. VOIP can be used with a cheap headset on your computer (assuming that Orange do not block VOIP traffic on their data network)

Personally I use to provide the number and the VOIP to landline gateway. There are many other options though.

Mark Hodson said...

What make/ model/ mileage is the rustbucket?

If it's an automatic (SWMBO can't drive stick) I have a need!

Anonymous said... will give you a free number u could use.

phatboy said...

Did you try just making up a number? Or giving your work or a friends number?

I try to avoid giving out my real telephone number to companies as I get fed up with all the calls.

Anonymous said...

It needs to be a real number because they will phone it a few mins later to verify you.

Use a friend's number but make sure you are there when you submit the form


Hideki said...


It just calls and give you the pin, give a friends number and have them text it to you / call you with it when it comes in.

Sites who require these things are quite irritating, I don't have a land line myself (find that a mobile and Skypeout are more than adequate, can even use Skypeout to foreign numbers from my Three phone for free) but there's usually a way round it, in the case of eBay which is just a robot calling you with a PIN, it's easy.