Sunday, September 06, 2009

Cheer Up!

If you're feeling down about the new school term after being bombarded by new initiatives filled with phrases that sound like gibberish; then cheer up, because at least you aren't a teacher in South Africa. Last time I was there, the Asian taxi driver who was taking me to the Airport pointed out two Bars opposite each other on a street in Johannesburg and commented:

"10 years ago under Apartheid, I couldn't go into the one on the left because it was Whites Only"

"Now I can't go into either, because I'd get beaten up by the Black gangs that run them both."


MarkUK said...

I asked the First Aiders at one of the schools I work at for topics for training this year.

One of the first was "knife and gunshot wounds".

We've had neither type of injury and I think gunshots may be taking things a bit far but I'm not surprised at them wanting training in knife wounds.

Anonymous said...

Don't know what the taxi driver has to complain about. Replacing the nasty racist white apartheid regime by a multi cultural peace loving democratic society must be better for him. Thats what we got told that by all those anti-apartheid campeigners. He is just ungratful - thats all.

Anonymous said...

hey frank, dont suppose you would consider working at my school im only 14 but i think you could tell my school a few things like what the school could be like its cambridge house grammar school in N.I. (check us up on google) but a teacher mrs fillis told us about you when we wouldnt be quiet so contact the school and if you do see you soon.