Sunday, November 23, 2008


Minister for Schools, children and something else, Ed Balls is not expected to announce the introduction of 'Kick a Ginger' Day in British Schools this week.


Boy on a bike said...

That's fabulous.

For once, we really can "blame Canada".

Anonymous said...

Any chance that the UK could institute a "Thrash a Hooligan" day?

Anonymous said...

I blame Catherine Tate

Or, perhaps this wil shed some light.

Anonymous said...

We had a similar problem here after a popular program (Summer Heights High- a spoof on high school life - I don't know how well it would travel but we loved it) depicted the bullying of "Rangas" (redheads -pronounced as in orangutan)
The countersurge was well done .The ABC (which screened the program) printed "Sorry Ranga Day" T-shirts (another spoof - on "Sorry Day" where we officially apologise to the aboriginals- compulsory in schools by the way and of course there is a training day so you teach it sensitively) and the local zoo celebrated the new orangutan enclosure by having a" rangas get in free" day.