Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Phone Fun

This is just the sort of thing I'd have got up to at school if only the technology had been available. (Except that my antics would have been a lot more shocking)

Any school that hasn't got the courage to ban mobile phones deserves all they get.


Anonymous said...

Where I live (in Aus) some schools seem to have given up the fight with barely a whimper. I do relief (supply/substitute) teaching for all the same reasons given by Frank. At one school in particular, the kids don't bother to put them away - they leave them out on the desks. They are constantly texting, to the point where you can be talking to a kid, and he or she will simply stop, get their phone out, and answer a text in front of you, ignoring whatever it was you were saying.

They create a bullying problem, too. Kids are regularly bailed up and forced to send "credit" to others, or more often than not, simply sent a threatening text to that effect. Some parents buy their kids phone plans (ie, monthly bill) so they can't be forced to do this.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I went to Varndean School. I left -- like most people 12 years ago -- with 10 good GCSEs.

There was a disruptive element back in those days, but no more than that. Nowadays, I gather, the place is over-run with the sort of clientele found at St Thickchilds.

In my day, the school wouldn't have thought twice about banning mobiles (if they'd existed in a form lighter than a house brick)

Anonymous said...

Yeah - but was she 'worth' a spank???

Anonymous said...

Cell phones probably WERE banned. They are at my school, and yet the students manage to secretly text each other all day anyway. I catch at least one per period and take up their phone, imagine how many I'm missing!