Thursday, November 20, 2008


Today's award for Buffoonery goes to keen Gary Glitter fans, and Tram Timetable enthusiasts; the AQA.

Unfortunately they forgot to check that the options on their Answer Sheet matched the questions on this morning's Science Multiple Choice Paper.

Anybody who fancies earning a bit of spare cash for marking a hundred thousand or so of these papers should give them a call.


Anonymous said...

The nu labour mantra - everybody is entitled to awards and qualifications even if they don't mean a thing.

Success is only valid if you have to work hard and stretch yourself to achieve it - that's why our "academic" qualifications are becoming less and less valid.

By the by, had a parents' evening for students doing their GCSEs this year. 2 parents turned up, both to see how their hard working and well-behaved (and thus achieving) off-spring were doing. Did not get to see the ones who could do with some motivation from home

Wonder why?

Anonymous said...

no doubt they'll be celebrating success and wallowing in escellence...