Wednesday, November 29, 2006


My petition was rejected because I included my blog address in the bit where it asked for more background details.

However I have resubmitted it with the offending item removed and will let you know if it gets past the censors.

I'm beginning to understand how Guy Fawkes felt...


youdontknowme said...

Oh well. Atleast you tried. I hope it gets accepted this time.

alanorei said...

Yes, Frank, keep on! Remember Bob Bruce and the spider...

Also Kylie, James and old Jack.

Allan Him said...

Seriously though, do you think a petition will make a shred of difference?

This Government has a track record of refusing to listen to people. When they do something which turns out to be unpopular, their knee-jerk response is not "Oh, well then we must change our policy. After all, we are the servants of the public in a democratic system". Instead it is "Those uneducated masses obviously need further re-education before they can see that how unenlightened their ideas are"
Last time I looked, the most popular petition on the site was the one in favour of repealing the Hunting Act. The Government already know this legislation to be popular with only a tiny section of the public, and they know that it has made many people unhappy. There has already been a demonstration of enormous size and diversity in London to make that point. But the Government refuse to listen to the opinions of anybody except those people who agree with them.
This is true even on a trans-national level. When the Austrian people elected Jorg Haider's freedom party, the political establishment here was aghast- "How could those Austrians be so foolish. They have voted the wrong way. They must be made to see that the international establishment will not tolerate such behaviour". The same response was elicited when Le Pen came second in the French Presidential elections.
These people are not democratic. They believe that they have some sort of irresistible right to rule- that their opinions and values are self-evidently correct, and the rest of us should just lump it.
Protest- even majority protest- proves to them not that they have got it wrong, but that everyone else has.

I think that registering the petition is a good idea, and it is better than doing nothing, and I'll be voting for it; but I don't expect any results.