Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Steve Pope Properties, Sheffield

Steve Pope is the best Sheffield Landlord that we have encountered, Friendly, efficient and easy to deal with. He rents quality houses in Crookes, Sheffield to students from the University. He is one of the few landlords recommended by the University Housing department.

Click on the link to view his properties. You will not be disappointed

Steve Pope Properties


Anonymous said...

Oh man - that Dog looked ruff.

Anonymous said...

I think Frank is more interested in selling his book than the kids. I bet he doesn't even teach anymore!

Well Frank?

Anonymous said...

You clearly haven't read the book, or the blog. If you did you would know the answer to both these questions.
I hope Frank sells thousands of books, it's the only way that people in power will sit up and listen. If he makes some money out of it, all the better.

Anonymous said...

frank, you appear to have been targeted by anonymous spammers. I wonder what "atarax for dog" is?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mr Chalk, I gave your book to my non-teaching (never been inside a school since his own Grammar School days starting 1968) husband and he said you were making it all up. Mind, he says that to me too.

Anonymous said...

Luckily, I gave my copy to my also-never-been-in-a-school-since-his-schooldays-back-in-the-60's OH and he immediately started his campaign to get me out of teaching before I'm viciously murdered or I viciously murder ..... one of the two.