Thursday, November 16, 2006

Davy Jones' Locker

Sorry about the lack of posts recently, I've been on a dive trip to the Red Sea.

I always rate airports by how many carvings of non indigenous animals are for sale in the Souvenir/junk shop. Marsa Alam scores a '3' (elephant, giraffe and penguin) Connoisseurs of tat will find much to admire whilst waiting for their plane.

Ahmed the cleaner/handyman, might not know how to fix a shower but did show me how to make a crocodile from six towels, a bedspread and two bottle tops. You can see his work below. (Try it and see if you can keep your drongo set amused)


Anonymous said...

Ahmed's wasted in cleaning!

Anonymous said...

Can you post instructions, I have a cover lesson and the classroom is too close to the Head's study (too close for a rowdy lot that is).

This might keep them quiet!

Anonymous said...

Where did you go in the Red Sea? Good trip? Just got back from a trip myself, also flew into Marsa Alarm, cracking trip!

Anonymous said...

Mr Chalk, 2 things
*Cracking blog (and book)

*Please post instructions, I have a feeling that this could be one kick arse party trick that's never graced any student party round these parts!

Cheers much.

Anonymous said...

Was once on a cruise in the Bahamas and then steward made a monkey, a snake and some sort of fish from the towels in the cabin. Wish i had paid more attention at the time. It would greatly amuse my drongo set on a Friday

itsmyparty said...

When I went to Sharm I came in to find towel swan on my bed.

Anonymous said...

the croc looks like it's wearing sunnies!! instructions please... what a waste of brilliant talent!

Anonymous said...

Is it not term time?

Are you not employed as a teacher at the moment?