Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Sad Tale

This is what happens when parents abdicate all responsibility for their child and we likewise refuse to punish them for minor and later more major offences. They gradually realise that they can do whatever they like. Sadly in this case the judge has decided to confirm this. Tragically, it will not be long before the boy does the same thing again.

My thoughts go out to the victims family.

Daily Mail


Anonymous said...

Obviously, teachers are to blame.

It's all those fancy new initiatives and trendy ideas that we keep using.

We are spending so much time on courses, doing paperwork and proving that failing kids are fantastic successes that we aren't teaching them right from wrong.

Which we were told last week we shouldn't do anyway.

Makes me sick.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the judge would think that he hadn't been mugged 'at knifepoint' if someone had 'just' threatened him with one and not stabbed him ?
(PS These increasingly-frequent references to the Daily Mail are a bit worrying, Mr.C.)

Anonymous said...

I think "absolve" means to forgive as in sin. I suspect you meant "abdicate".

You did ask.


Anonymous said...

What do you think should have been the sentence for this boy, Mr Child?

Anonymous said...

err, Mr Chalk :)

Anonymous said...

His prime raping years are still ahead of him but maybe its a one off so let him tuck into a nice big ten stretch (really 10, not out in 5). After that any second offence - life. Im still just liberal enough not to have gone for the rope, industrial shredder, chair, just give it a year or two though!

Mary said...

Not that unusual, and I speak from my own personal teenage experience there. Difference is that this girl (or her family) reported the incident to the police in the evidently mistaken belief that it would have some sort of effect, that justice would be done, that it would be taken seriously.

She'll know better in future.