Thursday, August 03, 2006

Easy Money

Read the following story:

BBC News

I hearby volunteer to be poked fun at and have a few lewd remarks thrown my way. That will be £800 000 thankyou very much.

Why do we constantly pander to those who simply cannot cope with the stresses and pressures of their job whilst never giving any appreciation to those who do exactly the same job and simply get on with it.

Adults who complain of bullying at work need to get some spine, some self respect or better still, another job.


Anonymous said...

We've got half a dozen in our school alone.

Anonymous said...

I was a victim of something similar in my present school when my department head decided she didn't care for me. Her methods were more passive agressive though. I think the difference is when people decide to choose their response to this behavior. I got angry that I was being targeted for no reason (except disagreeing over whether or not it was important to teach grammar), documented everything, called meetings, presented my proof, and ended up being told by the principal that I was a "formidable opponent." The result? I'm still there, she was told to leave me alone, and I'm very happy. I do have some sympathy for people in this situation, but I'll take having fought back, been vindicated, and retained my job over money any day.

Anonymous said...

Because of Cultural Marxism - if you are bullied, you automatically gain the right to be treated as a 'victim'. The employer, who by definition is an 'oppressor', then owes you. Gain a free pass to the head of the queue of 'victims' and collect £200 for passing 'Go'.

See the 'psychology of victimhood' at

Anonymous said...

spot on here frank. that's a disgrace. 800,000 quid for being called smelly!!! she should come and spend a week as a teacher at our school. outrageous.
fuming of leicester.

Anonymous said...

I've been punched in the face and had a brick thrown through my window, and I work in a great school, that has to be worth a couple of million. I wonder if she does smell?

p.s. I clicked on your Amazon advert and bought an inflatable computer, another 13 pence for you to spend!

Anonymous said...

These adults who need to 'get a spine' are the very result of those kids were never told about failure, losing and only ever heard about 'deferred success'

No wonder they cannot cope now as adults.

Anonymous said...

I disagree sir. I think that what you write about in your blog is certainly evidenced here. People behaving badly and not having consequences when it is reported. Reading what you have had to say about how awful things are leads me to believe that these women figured they would do it because they could.

I cannot imagine having to deal with this. But you have to remember that if in fact this woman was made to feel awful every minute of work, she should not have had to give up her pension, her benefits and her dignity.

That said, I think I would have bitchslapped one of the vicious ones ..... I just do not care much for attitude anymore, especially not from sentient adults.

Anonymous said...

I've just read an old (03-08-06) comment by Mr Chalk on bullying in the workplace. It shows an almost complete absence of empathy for the woman involved in the case, who was abused to the point of having a nervous breakdown. Since much the same thing has happened to me, I very much welcomed the court's decision to award her substantial compensation, even though my own situation holds out little hope of recourse. At least, it makes people in a similar situation feel that the human race is capable of evolution, even if it's not doing much of it. Believe me, harassment is not about 'being poked fun at and having a few lewd remarks thrown your way'. It's about having your self-esteem, your motivation to work-- eventually even to live--- eroded by the vicious abuse of immature trash, on a daily basis. And you got it wrong about who can't 'cope with the stresses and pressures of their job'; it's almost always the bullies who are the inadequates. If they were coping, they wouldn't have to abuse others in order to feel good about themselves.