Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Caption Competition

Ok, thanks for all your entries in the caption competition for the picture of teacher Emma Wright. (reprinted below for no good reason)

Emma Wright In Class

It was a close thing with 'Miss-Demeanor' and 'Miss is Bottom Of The Class!' tying for second place. However the judge (Mrs Chalk) has spoken and pronounced the winner to be Danny from Luton who originally emailed me the title I used for the post. 'A Bit Of All Wright!'

A signed pre-release copy of 'It's Your Time You're Wasting' will be in the post to you, Danny as soon as you email me your address.

ps I'm thinking of sending the proceeds from Amazon (when people click through from this site and buy things, I get a small commission) to a school in Africa. Don't know which one yet though. Suggestions and alternative ideas welcome.

pps Whoever bought 'Elvis' Greatest Hits' has sent the total to six quid! Thankyou.


Anonymous said...


Valencia Property said...

If you fancy sending the cash to an African school you could do worse than this one.
Read all about it here.

Anonymous said...

...or try - I use it for all of my Christmas cards. The look on my sisters face when she finds out I haven't got her a present but I've spent the money buying some Africans a fish farm is heart warming.........

Anonymous said...

You could send the money to Bradleys Institute, Bindura, Zimbabwe. I used to teach there - it's a really good school, but since the horrors of Mugabe's madness, the head teacher along with many of the teachers have been thrown in jail without trial and some have evn been brutally murdered. The school now relies on charity and the braveness and dedication of volunteer teachers to attempt to educate the next generation.
The school is a Salvation Army school - so probably best to go through them to donate!