Sunday, July 09, 2006

'The Quarterwit' (August Edition)

You definitely won't want to miss out on this month's special Summer Edition of 'The Quarterwit'

All the usual inane gossip plus:

Wayne tells us how to remove your Tag in order to make the most of the warm weather and Liam shows us the best way to climb up a drainpipe in order to reach those tricky upstairs windows.

Tracey and Chevaunne from Year 9 review the latest pirated DVDs

Free! Pull-Out Guide to the Top Ten High St. shops to pilfer from and Darren explains what to tell the Police if you are caught.

Feature Article_ Life After St. Thickchilds. We interview Lee, now at Downtown University; where he is painting the new extension to the Physics Department. Plus an exclusive interview with ex-pupil Coyne from his cell in Downtown Prison.

Exclusive pictures of Sherryann from Year 9 with her new baby, Chavney.

Turn your neighbourhood into a Summer Battleground with our Article: 'How to Make an Air Rifle'!

Every edition comes with a free spraycan in one of three exciting colours. Copies on Sale from July 16th.


Anonymous said...

Great one!

Anonymous said...

Chavney lol - class.

Anonymous said...

Spelling: definitley.


Anonymous said...

double tsk rosey.
try 'definitely'. now we're getting somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Spelling: exiting/exciting

Nasty one - spell checker resistant!

Anonymous said...

I take it that this alludes to the forthcoming annual "terror festival" known as the summer holidays ... where the mindless are allowed, nay encouraged, yes encouraged (they know their rights)to run riot well into the night as all the teachers head off to calmer environments .... can't say I blame them. After all the Police and Social Services will cope... well the Police will


Anonymous said...

Well that has taught me to check my own typing (not spelling) before correcting anyones spelling!