Monday, July 24, 2006

Another Shocking Incident

Last Wednesday we had another serious incident in School.

Without any provocation whatsoever, Kylie from Year 8 marched up to Mr Blunt and said ‘Thankyou’ after the school day out to Scagton.

Mr Blunt fainted dead away and had to be revived by the school nurse. On coming round, he remarked that he had never heard such an outburst before. There were several witnesses to the event, all are said to be receiving counselling.

"We are not used to hearing this sort of language from pupils." Said Mr. Green, still obviously in shock. "Kylie may need to be moved to another school where they are more used to dealing with this sort of behaviour."

Kylie's mother Mrs Scraggins, told us:

"Our Kylie hasn't learnt that kind of talk in my 'ouse, I can tell you that. It's since she started 'anging about with that Jennifer; she's nothing but well behaved, she is."


Anonymous said...

Still as good as ever!

Anonymous said...

I too got a terrible shock when a pupil, for some inexplicable reason, said "thank you, Mrs X" when given a chocolate end-of-term present.

But it was OK, because most of the others brought things back to normality with their usual, "What - only one?!" and "Don't like this crap."

Sigh ... phew .... all is back as it always was.