Sunday, July 30, 2006

How it all works part 2

Apparently in some schools the title 'Senior Management Team' is no longer allowed, presumably because it has the word 'man' hidden within it, which is deeply offensive to women.

Now it’s 'Senior Leadership Team'.

With the foundations of the Education System crumbling beneath our feet, it’s good to know that time and effort is devoted to dreaming up new names for things. As we all know, the best way to improve something is to change its name.

It’s been a long time since you were allowed to say 'blackboard' in school. (It has the word 'black' in it, which must be extremely upsetting to anybody whose skin is black.) I sympathise, because I burst into tears and had to go home a couple of weeks ago when another teacher humiliated me by referring to a 'whiteboard'

Imagine how un PC you would be if you were the 'Blackboard Manager'

Let me know of any other name changes that haven't yet arrived here at St. Thickchilds.

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Anonymous said...

what do you mean, someone whose skin is 'black'? it's off to the diversity re-education camps for you, mr chalk.

in our school, just before the end of term they were toying with the idea of renaming 'science' 'the world around us' because science was prescriptive and 'twau' was descriptive (i think that was it). then, luckily, the bell went and we all went home.

Anonymous said...

Thank God someone has the balls to say these things. Good on you Mr Chalk!

Anonymous said...

This is my first visit to the site after finding it through the forthcoming book and the Coppersblog.

As a government uniform carrying, diverse form filler (Police Officer to the old school) I get the pleasure of dealing with these herberts from when they leave the school up to their untimely demise through alcohol/drugs/gang warfare/stupidity*

The teaching world sounds just as stupid and namby pamby as the Police world, all political correctness and human rights.

At least this government can claim consistancy with the way they treat people from school days to when they inevitably become criminals (i'm sure I won't be allowed to call them that soon, we can't call them prisoners now, it's clients????), yep, treat them nice and softly, after all it's not thier fault you know!

Anonymous said...

*delete as appropriate

Anonymous said...

If you dared to clean the 'Blackboard' is that considered ethnic cleansing? Surley a sackable offense!!!!

Anonymous said...

We no longer have a senior management team. tOur school now has permanent PMT after they renamed themselves the Pastoral Management Team.

Anonymous said...

You think you have it bad?

In SA (South Africa) the school system is completely besotted with the idea of Political Corectness and this utter silliness has filtered through to the workplace.

You have no idea of the chaotic farce that has since ensued in renaming titles and departments, redressing medical aid schemes, provident and pension funds and HR procedures.

We have a fairly common national subculture of guilt and shame (the white population) and listen all day every day how proud black africans are of their heritage, while we cower in shame and ask forgiveness for not being previously disadvantaged.

Truly proof of how a noble idea can be sodomised into a poor semblance of its former self.