Tuesday, June 27, 2006

'The Quarterwit' (July Edition)

Don't miss the exciting July edition of St. Thickchilds School magazine 'The Quarterwit' where we feature an exclusive interview with Wayne, a local drugs dealer; to hear his views on the Human Rights Act. Wayne is available every afternoon from 3.30 at the school gates to talk to any pupil who has a problem with drugs and he will be visiting our school on July 19th to give us a presentation of his work within the community.

Along with all the usual fashion tips for non uniform day, the best places to go when playing truant and an in-depth review of local Off Licences by Hayley Scroggins from Year 9, we're also presenting some important Scientific Research by Tyrone Smegson and his friend Dwayne from Year 10 that has shown how pupils work better when listening to loud Rap music.

For the parents we've got a special article: 'How to make a Spurious Claim against the school' written by a local solicitor.

Plus: 'Excluded for a crime he did not commit.' We speak to Leon, formerly of year 8, now selling half price cigarettes on Downtown Market (Tuesdays and Thursdays only)

Copies on Sale from June 16th. Don't Miss it!


Anonymous said...

Yes, you do indeed bring smiles to our faces here in Birmingham.
Many thanks

Anonymous said...

Several of your posts have appeared recently on our staffroom noticeboard. They do brighten it up somewhat!

Anonymous said...

Love it_can't wait for the next edition

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Great Post!

Quick Home Sale UK said...

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