Friday, June 30, 2006

Punishing pupils

I imagine that you were as shocked as I was, upon reading in the press recently about the latest scandal to hit teaching.

At first I was sceptical, believing that the teaching profession had stamped out this sort of conduct years ago. Independent sources however confirm the report's accuracy.

It is certainly a shocking case_ The teacher will stand trial in the Crown Court later this month, accused of punishing a pupil because of his behaviour, and then further demeaning the child's status by referring to him as a 'naughty boy'.

'It's a serious blow to those of us who had hoped that stories like this were a thing of the past. Who can say what mental scars this poor child will bear for the rest of his life.' Commented Mr Wringer, Deputy Head in Charge of Discipline.

More details of the case have emerged_ apparently the teacher kidnapped the boy at 3:30 pm and kept him imprisoned at the school for twenty minutes before armed police stormed the building. The accused was led away protesting that he was giving something called a 'detention', however Senior Staff at the school confirmed that they had never heard of the term.

'The dirty pervert_my son done nuffink!' Said one eyewitness; Mrs Scrotum.

The Headteacher Mr. Beard clarified the school's position on the matter:

'We have a clear policy of rewarding pupils regardless of their behaviour. All behaviour is treated equally in our school and we refuse to be prejudiced against a particular form of self expression. Bad must be rewarded just as good will be.'

It is understood that the teacher will ask for 23 other offences to be taken into consideration including telephoning a child's parents, denial of pupils' human rights to eat, drink and use profanities in the classroom, refusal to allow children to smoke in the playground and refering to the dark rectangular object at the front of his room as a 'blackboard'

The case will be heard on Tuesday


Anonymous said...

Not a joke. I know someone questioned by the Police for such crimes as "being big" and "verbal belittling".

The first seems an insoluble problem (cut your legs off ?) the second is the legal systems version of "telling off"

Anonymous said...

You might laugh ..... but the sad reality is that if reported to the Police they will have no choice but to act .... no matter how obviously deserving the little cretin is of the extra attention of his/her form master/mistress.


Anonymous said...

"Independent" is spelt independent not independant. Write it out twenty times.

staghounds said...

This is clearly false. No responsible person in the teaching profession would use such value imposing terms as "good" or "bad" in relation to behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Can you provide a link to the BBC for that story please, I would be interested in following it through the courts, law lords and ECHR.

Thx in advance!

Anonymous said...

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