Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tutor Kings and Queens

"If you want to be a top tutor, it definitely helps if you are young and attractive" says young and attractive Kelly Mok from the amusingly named Hong Kong tutoring company- King's Glory. More on the phenomenon of celebrity tutors here

Must dash, as I think the postman has just arrived with an invitation to start a new life in the Far East.


Sutton Tutor said...

OK, I get the point, Frank. I've just booked myself in for a face-lift and ripped ALL the leather patches off my old jacket.

Dammit, I need to get some trendy gear! I wonder of my kids' hoodies will fit my softly expanding belly?

On a more serious note, what are the success rates of these teeny tutors, compared to their more mature colleagues? Has anybody done some research into this?

Anonymous said...

This was my downfall, I was always watching the ladys teachers legs, instead of paying attention.
John Gibson