Tuesday, November 06, 2012

School Dinners and Jamie Oliver Again

The canteens in schools which have become Academies don't have to follow the same nutritional regulations as those in schools which haven't. Now I've no idea whether these rules make the food better or worse (anyone can call themselves a nutritionist as it's not a protected name like 'Doctor').

However I do know that if nothing is done, then Jamie Oliver's chubby grinning face will appear on the telly faster than you can say 'chip butty' and we all have a duty to try and prevent that.

We need more rules for Academies
Governing chips, potatoes and peas.
So write to your MP today.
And together we'll keep Jamie away!


Adam said...

Why on earth would you object to pupils being fed nutritious food that'll actually serve them well when learning?

I suspect feeding them sugar topped with E numbers is what leads to more than a few of the problems detailed in your books!

IMHO ban packed lunches and leaving school at lunchtimes too and have the parents pay for the meals, they're getting a free education for their kids, they can pay a couple of quid/day for food.

Anonymous said...

Really, don't mock. I'm nearing 60 and KNOW that govt requirements are what kept me from poverty (not ignorance) induced malnutrition as a child. It's cheap enough to provide ONE nutritionally-balanced meal a day for less than a shit pack-up, and kids WILL eat it if that's all there is. Moan, but eat, as we did.
If you fetishise choice, then they'll choose what they're used to, Iceland reheated shite or crisps. The People do not know best, except what is cheapest or most convenient for them (and indeed their nannies).
Personally it matters not to me if the rest of the country make their kids' diet optimum or deplorable. But to decline to take the matter out of their preoccupied/poverty-stricken hands when you COULD but DIDN'T is dilatory.