Monday, October 22, 2012

Question Time

One question that I know the answer to and a couple that I don't- reminds me of my Finals.

1) Why do adverts for watches always show the same time- ten minutes past ten?

2) Why do I need an European Health Insurance card to get free medical treatment in Europe? (they used to be called E111s) when I have a perfectly good British Passport?

3) Is there a more infuriating website than Ryanair's?


1) Apparently it makes the watch look better (symmetrical and resembles a smiling face) whilst allowing the manufacturers logo to be seen between the hands. When this practice started, I have no idea.

ps Have a look at the review on the right hand side of the page (Scroll down a bit) under Most Recent Customer Reviews by JEM.

I don't reckon that they will buy the sequel...


pjt said...

2) I don't know about Britain, but up here in Finland, a Finnish passport does not necessary mean that I have the right to Finnish let alone European health care. For example, when my domicile is somewhere else, I'm not covered by my own country's health insurance. And in that case, I need to give away the health insurance card (which is, oddly enough, called Sickness Insurance card on the face of it).

3) Yes.

Almost American said...

PJT is right. I have a British passport, but like anyone else who has been outside the UK for more than a few months, I am no longer covered by NHS insurance. I'm not paying into the system, so I don't get to benefit from it - which is perfectly fair. I believe I'd have to be back in the UK for 6 months before I'd be covered again. So your passport proves nothing where health coverage is concerned.

Anonymous said...

JEM - future headteacher/education secretary material for sure.

ColdWater said...

2) This happened between 50 and 80 years ago. My father claims to have learned to tell the time by looking at watches in catalogues. By the time (no pun intended) I was learning to tell the time, they were all set at 10 past ten.

So...when anyone asks me what time it is, I always reply "it's 10 past 10"

ColdWater said...

As well as telling the time, I have difficulty remembering numbers.

2) should be 1), of course.

Unknown said...

Me too. I always forget numbers. I'm not fond of it. Telling time may be easy but remembering it takes effort. That's why we need a watch.
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Coldwater said...

I disagree. Remembering the time is very easy indeed. I refer you to my earlier comment. It is always 10 past 10.

Anonymous said...

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