Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lance Armstrong

Very sad day for sport with the damning USADA report including doping admissions by several of Lance's former teammates who had all strenuously denied any wrongdoing for years.

I'd have said that we were more likely to see reruns of 'Jim'll Fix It' than a carefully worded confession from the saintly George Hincapie. It really does shatter any confidence in the riders, not to mention the drug testers.

Apparently, a group of former East German scientists and doctors are furious over claims that Armstrong operated 'the most successful and professional doping programme in history'. They plan to sue for libel.

Finally, just when it seems that things can't get any worse, the next scandal looks likely to be drug use by Kenyan runners.

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JoeN said...

Only the rigour of a court and the professional skills that go with it could possibly get to the bottom of this one. However guilty Armstrong was, just listening on the radio to Tyler Hamilton "tell tales," in language all teachers understand, undermines any credibility in him as a witness. Giving these still professional riders, six months instead of a 2 year ban for giving "evidence" is also such a manipulative, untrustworthy act by the USDA. Imagine how much of a difference that makes to men like George Hincapie and Floyd Landis at their age and stage of their careers.

Not much help I know, but after winning 5 Tours and retiring, Jacques Anquetil was asked in an interview if he ever took drugs. He said, "I did it once without. It hurt too much... I never did it again."