Sunday, June 24, 2012

Western States

Congratulations to Ellie Greenwood on a brilliant win at Western States yesterday. Well done to Ian Sharman, bad luck to Jez Bragg.

If the above means nothing to most readers, just put it down as the rantings of a deranged loon.


citychurches said...

So, are you an ultra running spectator, or participant? Much as I love it it never struck me as a natural spectator sport;)

jaljen said...

First I thought of a spelling bee. Then maybe cycling?

But I wish it HAD been a spelling bee.

Didn't even know bees did any spelling. They're cleverer than I thought.

Kynon said...

You forgot that the West Highland Way Race was on last weekend as well...and that Terry Conroy broke Jez Bragg's allegedly unbeatable record! (In absolutely filthy weather conditions too, I might add!)