Friday, June 01, 2012

Education: My Part in its Downfall

I've noticed that a couple of reviewers have commented on formatting and grammatical errors in the new book, but unfortunately they haven't identified them. After downloading a copy myself and skimming through it today, I can't actually find any.

Whether the Kindle publishing software has been updated I do not know, (it used to have a tendency to insert gaps in text, repeat words and throw in the odd blank line), but if anyone can help me by pointing out exactly where any problems might be found, then I would be extremely grateful and promise to fix them. You can even have your name listed under 'Editors' if you want.

The book can be purchased here


Anonymous said...

That is the most shameless plug for a book I have ever seen.

Love it!

Anonymous said...

Based on what a friend of mine has said, the formatting errors vary depending on which viewing software is being used.

Sue Sims said...

I'm reading it on the Kindle at the moment and enjoying it.

I'm not worried about the formatting errors, but whoever did your copy-editing wasn't very skilled. There are numerous punctuation errors, particularly in dialogue (where a capital letter is used for the quotative after speech), in vocatives (omitted comma) and occasionally in sentence punctuation.

I don't know if it's possible to send me the text in Word, but I'd happily go through it and correct the punctuation for free (something I do day in, day out as a secondary English teacher).

Unknown said...

I am a primary school teacher and thoroughly enjoying your book. I was very surprised to find a mention of my head teacher and school. However the school name is spelt wrong! Martin Henderson of Westmorland (no e in the middle) Primary School will no doubt be in touch!!

Icy said...

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