Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Facebook and Shouting

I keep telling you- be careful with Facebook. That Zuckerberg fellow will get you all fired.

Also a study carried out by the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (Fruits) at Durham University has decided that kids who shout out in lessons do better in exams. Their Director of Somethingmad, Dr Christine Merrell wants to see see how these pains can be encouraged to shout out as part of the lesson, whereas I just want to give them a smack.

Why not write to her and volunteer a teacher you don't like to take part in this important research?


The Marshian said...

As a former secondary school governor I used to 'sit in' on an occasional lesson and was sometimes appalled at the total lack of respect for staff and fellow students shown by some of the noisier elements of many classes. There were occasions when I had to bite hard on my tongue to keep from getting involved and verbally lashing the little scrotes. I honestly don't know how anyone can say that shouting out in the classroom is the key to exam success, let alone a supposed intelligent academic. I just wonder how long Dr Merrell would survive in a classroom full of shouting, gesticulating, texting violent feral kids. Any advance on ten minutes, anyone?

As for Facebook; about the only thing that load of nonsense is any good for is wasting hours of police time on a daily basis. It seems that every time Waynette learns that her ex, Shawn, has threatened to "fill her in" on F/B she calls the cops. They, of course, under current guidelines have to take Shawn's drunken ravings seriously - just in case he is the 1 in 1000000 F/B 'threateners' who actually try and carry out their lager induced ravings.

The best thing that could happen to Facebook would be for the whole site to crash and never see the light of day again.

TonyF said...

Bloody face-ache, pity there isn't a cream for it.

Anonymous said...

The study only involved the interactions of children with ADHD. I don't think it was intended to be extrapolated to all pupils.

Struth John said...

Oh, I don't know, watching through the toughened safety glass as an "expert" encourages a room full of kids with ADHD to shout louder than their peers. As long as I do not have to rescue them from their own expertise.

Anonymous said...

Facebook is an excellent tool for organising one's social life and sharing certain materials - amusing or interesting photographs, links to newspaper articles etc.

It only makes the news when some moron who didn't RTFM uses like a private messaging service and then acts all surprised when they find out that hey, it's PUBLIC and anyone can read it.

Frankly, anyone that dumb shouldn't be in a position of responsibility for the education of children. I like to think of it as career Darwinism.

Ahmet Ahmet said...

I am hoping to become a teacher, I hear all sorts of horror stories about teachers and facebook. My concern is that it is a great networking tool to share contacts and information. I rely on gaining valuable information from facebook for my practice. Do you think it can be a sacrifice to your knowledge as a professional to delete your facebook?

Anonymous said...

KS 3 Sound - noise pollution! She can't have heard that one or maybe it was being discussed small group style and having to fight to be heard gave her the crazy hypothesis after all that training got her into Durham?