Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Solar Power Feed-in Tariff

Watching my neighbour's roof turn blue, I briefly wondered just what industry the solar power feed-in tariff is supposed to kick start. The panels are made in China, as are all the electrical bits such as the control panel and inverter (if they aren't then he is paying too much for them). The company installing the panels is British and the men up the ladders were presumably local roofers or aerial installers before they saw the light.

Would it not have been cheaper to just send them all a cheque for a few thousand quid and let them go back to their old jobs?


Marc said...

plus we're all paying for it, and who are we subsidising? The rich (who have 15K lying around to invest) and supposedly bust councils who suddenly find money to install solar panels but not to provide lollipop men!

feed in tariff uk said...

Your neighbour is lucky to have solar panels. China is going to dominate on almost every field and industry.

Reza Bokat said...

But I think it has to start somewhere. You need to support
a promising industry in initially
to be viable later.