Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Denise Milani

Thank goodness that despite cuts to front line Public Services, there is still money for initiatives such as Denise Milani's poetry competition to celebrate International Women's Day.

Unfortunately this is only open to police officers in the Met, but I'm sure that somewhere in teaching there will be a similar position (and I shall certainly be applying for it).

Denise is paid around £75 000 per year as Director of Diversity (ie to be black and female). Now to be fair, she has fulfilled all the criteria on her job description- she hasn't done a Michael Jackson and painted herself white, not does she appear to have become a man, so we cannot fault her there. You may however be wondering whether there is a job that pays you to be a white male and sit around all day coming up with mad ideas- if so, drop Fred Goodwin an email.

What does bother me though is that whenever I find myself thinking
"Great! This is the maddest thing yet", something immediately comes along and beats it hands down.


Anonymous said...

Not one to have suffered from a back office cut or is she classed as frontline. A waste of public money. Totally.

L K Jay said...

Judging by the police officers I know, I really want to see them writing poetry, would be flippin' hilarious.

Kimpatsu said...

Roses are red, violets are blue,
You're nicked, Sonny, and anything you say may be taken down and given in evidence...
Do I win?

Anonymous said...

@ L K Jay,


906 responses, admittedly not all poetry or prose, but probably fairly sums up the views of the majority of working coppers. Enjoy.

Ian said...

"You may however be wondering whether there is a job that pays you to be a white male and sit around all day coming up with mad ideas"

Sounds like the Coalition cabinet.

Anonymous said...


Rod Liddle nails it quite nicely!

Rose said...

Yes there is such a job, it's called blogging and it's not paid very well, unfortunately. Also, perhaps, poet laureate?

Anonymous said...

Had this task not left such a bad taste in your mouth it probably wouldn't have been such a good one. If it gets just one of her colleagues to think in a different way it would't have been worth it.
She's not the first person to be employed in a high power/paid job because of her skin colour and sex.....David Cameron anyone!?

Medical Mailing Lists said...

Its not her own property to console, but in public view its an totally damage.