Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The Madness of King George

You can now download a chapter from 'Education My Part in its Downfall' for a mere 86p here

As you might expect from the likes of me, it is a cheap Christmas gimmick to try and entice you into buying a copy of the full book, which is here. In case you didn't know, it's the sequel to the best seller 'It's Your Time You're Wasting'. (Which you may purchase here)

I have been asked by a few people (ok- one) about a paperback release date, but the truth is that I've no plans to do so, as Kindle sales for the first book are vastly outstripping those for the print edition now. I guess that's just the way things are going.

By the way, I would have given the chapter away for free, but Amazon will only allow large publishers to do that, presumably to avoid being overwhelmed by tat. It is therefore at the lowest price they will allow and probably delivers more amusement than 86p usually does.

'Buy it now, it's really good.'   F. Chalk


Anonymous said...

Is there a way it could possible for people outside the UK to buy/download?
Amazon kindle only lets UK residents buy your book.
Just thought I'ed ask.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Bother. I loved your first book and was really hoping the sequel would be published in pb.

I don't have a Kindle and have only an elderly but perfectly functional ereader. Is there any possibility of making a Paypal donation directly to you for the same amount as the kindle version and having a pdf or epub copy instead ? :-)

Lolzors said...


There are ways - detailed online, and accessible through a quick search on Wired for 'kindle drm removal' - of converting a kindle protected file into a .PDF; I did so with Chalk's original book and am currently reading its .PDF format (I dislike the native Kindle software for PC, as I'm far too used to Acrobat).

Frank, I just wanted to say that It's Your Time You're Wasting is a brilliant read. I went to a St Jude (actually, slightly worse - it doesn't sound like you've had any stabbings with any regular occurrence 100 pages in) and hearing that the teachers too think the chav students are scum makes me smile. I felt the following lines were particularly poignant:

For anyone born on the Cherry Tree, there is no escape.
Very few ever leave, other than in the back of a police car.
Worst of all, almost no-one expects, or even hopes, to leave.
This is one of the saddest discoveries I have ever made.

When I joined my sink inner-city comprehensive 'school', I'd come from a rich, middle-class family wowed by the (later to be revealed, transparently juked) stats of the place. During my first week I learnt the truth of the above-quoted text, when one student stabbed another. In my second week, I learnt it truer when one student cleaved another's head in with a piece of gym equipment. By my final week, I'd learnt it so many times that the 'incident with the drill' (I shall say little more than this, for want of preserving your stomach contents: don't these 'students' find the most fascinating unintended uses for D&T equipment?) barely even shocked me.

Unfortunately, as one of my brighter teachers remarked (and as you have noted throughout), the teachers aren't able to teach at a level required by any minor modicum of intelligence (due to their role as 20% teacher, 80% jail warden), so I graduated with extremely mediocre, though nigh grandiose for the school, grades; that's my life pretty much ballsed up!

But at least reading that your experiences have been equally terrible has made me somewhat happier.

Cheers for the great read.

Anonymous said...

To Rachel 15:48 Frank's books are available on in the kindle store.

Conor said...

There's also if you want to cater for epub ereaders.

Anonymous said...

Having read your blog (linked from Magistrate) for years I have just bought kindle eds of all your books. Merry Christmas