Tuesday, August 09, 2011

More Riots

Radio,TV and newspapers are asking the question "Why?" with regard to these riots. The allowed responses include 'poverty' (whilst we try not to notice the expensive designer trainers and outfits sported by the protagonists), or how lack of opportunity is to blame (are we really supposed to think that there are less opportunities for young people than in say 1931?). There will be talk of 'communities retaking the streets' (to explain why most of the rioters seem to be black) and how it was the fault of the police over reacting or under reacting, or shooting an armed and dangerous criminal. Invariably someone will say how there is nothing to do (when there is more free entertainment available than in any time in history).

The answer is simple- people loot shops, set fire to cars and cause general mayhem because it is great fun and you are very unlikely to receive any real punishment for doing so. I don't reckon you will hear that argument in the media though.


Anonymous said...

The fact that so many of the rioters were of school age demonstrates the lack of responsibility that has been allowed to develop in these "communities." The parents won't take control and so they'll then blame it on all sorts of factors other than their lack of responsibility. After all the support - communitiy schemes, EMA, etc etc these people still want more. There's been too much carrot. I wonder if anybody has the courage now to employ the stick?

cheeky chappy said...

Listening to Theresa May on the radio this morning nearly made me sick: "We don't use water cannons in this country. Our best bet is to engage with the community in order to stop these riots."

When dear God, will our political elites realise that these underclass scum have a totally different mindset and that the bleeding heart, softly softly approach will never work?

The way you deal with these scum is by inflicting real, physical, bodily pain and making them feel real fear. These underclass scum are animals and you have to get down to their basic, feral level in order to combat them.

Personally, I would send each and every one of them straight to the frontline in Afghanistan as punishment for their actions. Let's see just how brave and tough they are then, as they search for mines and dodge bullets.

This country is in real need of a wake up call. These progressive, bleeding hearts have turned our country into a sewer. We need a leader with plain, harsh speeking and the balls to inflict a bit of pain on these b*****ds

Don said...

The answer to "Why?" is basically quite simple - it's "Because they can: nobody stops them".

I had to laugh when I heard the Acting Police Commissioner last night appealing to parents to phone up their kids and tell them to get off the streets and come home. These will be the same parents who, by and large, have exercised no meaningful form of discipline or control over their offspring for the last fifteen years or so. What on earth makes him think they're suddenly going to start now?

Mr Natural said...

I don’t know how some poor youngster just out of college is supposed to cope with a class full of scrotes such as those we‘ve seen rioting these last three nights. It’s all very well Gove talking about attracting the best graduates into teaching, but if police in riot gear can’t control the little bastards, how is some delicate dolly bird to manage, no matter how good a degree she has?

Perhaps Gove should recruit unsmiling, heavily built men in their forties, and those terrifying little women who wear sensible shoes and tweeds, and have moustaches.

wack said...

They do it because they can.

If it was due to unemployment why hasn't Spain burnt to the ground with youth unemployment at 47%

obakesan said...

if as many households in England had a military rifle and had done military training as they do in Switzerland, do you think people would have been cowering in their homes praying "please don't set fire to our building"


Lilyofthefield said...

Scum are like children (yehiknow - most of this lot ARE children) and if they won't play nicely by choice, they must be MADE to.

Anonymous said...

1132: BBC reporter at Highbury Magistrates Court John Brain tells BBC 5 live the first person who appeared in the dock this morning was a 31-year-old teacher called Alexis Bailey. She pleaded guilty to being part of the looting of the Richer Sounds store in Croydon.

cheeky chappy said...

for anyone who can face a bit more radical/harsh analysis of the riots and the way to deal with these feral, underclass scum vist my blog:


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Seeing how so many appear to be school children perhaps very much shorter holidays is the answer. It might have prevented that Teaching assistant from taking up burglary in his long holiday.

rippon said...

Frank says people loot and riot "because you are very unlikely to receive any real punishment for doing so."

That's turned out to be completely wrong. For example: a couple of young men have received 4 year jail sentences for allegedly posting facebook messages encouraging others to take to the streets; people have been sentenced to months in jail for lifting goods of less than £20 value; one youngster has been jailed for stealing some bottled water.

This has all happened at lightning speed.

On the other hand, it has taken years to even +consider+ the looting of the public by: expense-fiddling MPs (tens of thousands); gambling bankers (billions); bent coppers (hundreds of thousands); warmongering MPs (billions).

The energy and rail companies have just announced that they will be looting billions more from all of us.

Millions of people loot CDs and DVDs every minute every day (illegal downloading).

The +only+ problem with the street-looters is that their methods are highly visible and very crude. Their effect on the rest of us is a drop in the ocean compared to the other looters listed. If you dress smartly and use a computer instead of a brick, then the mainstream media are not minded to whip others up into a frenzy about your looting.

Aducation said...

I pretty much agree - but I think you can set it in a broader context. See my own post on the matter:


rippon said...

Thanks, Aducation - read it.
Excellent analysis.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a bit harsh to say that the complaint of "nothing to do" is offset by availability of free entertainment. An awful lot of free entertainment doesn't actually involve DOING anything.

Anonymous said...

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