Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Inspector Gadget

For a first hand view of the difficulties and frustrations that the police face in dealing with wretches up and down the country ( ie exactly the same problems we have in teaching), have a read of Gadget's blog at


Don said...

He's very perceptive, and it all rings depressingly true: some of the stuff on there really makes you weep.

I do disagree with him about arming the police, though. I can see why he and his fellow-officers see it as an attractive option, but I doubt there is much in the way of real public support for it and I think personally it would cause more problems than it would solve.

FRED said...

look back to your post of 23 June - sales of gadgets down. now we know why - no need to buy stuff in spring when you can just nick it in the summer.

P.D.Blake said...

I think he's spot on about arming the police and think that there will be public support for it, just not from those who might be on the receiving end.